Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Why Don't People Get It?

:: American culture is deceptive in the fulfillment it brings. When recognition and public opinion drive your liveliness and encapsulate your "success" you will be left ineffective and fruitless.

:: Rather what you do in the unseen should feed your soul and empty you of your egotism.

I am seeing more and more every day that passes how messed up the dominant culture in America is. This "American Dream" to live free and pursue happiness is all garbage. I see people becoming enslaved to the pursuit of the " American Dream " - which is everything but freedom and bona fide happiness.

To live the "American Dream", people are on an endless pursuit of their American fed idea of success. It involves money, recognition, pride, appearance, and status. - which results in selfish, money hungry, discontent, unsatisfied people. People who will never obtain the reality of what "success" is. They, themselves are never enough and they are entirely ensnared into the methods of becoming " enough ".

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