Sunday, July 18, 2010

Show Love. Always.

As I was driving home today I felt compelled to be intentional about a few things. I pulled into Super Target, walked in and bought some flowers. Pretty yellow sunflowers was were it was at. Jesus put it on my heart to stop by a friends house and drop them off.

It's quite the crazy feeling when you know God is asking you to do something specific. You can't help but actually do it.

My ex-boyfriends mom was put on my heart. It was weird. I haven't seen her in about a year but something was stirring in my heart to just show her some old fashioned love. So, I stopped by his house and left flowers on the doorstep with a letter.

I told my friend that I dropped off the flowers for his mom and his reaction kind of caught me off guard... He was so confused as to why someone would randomly do something like that for someone else...

The more I thought about his response the more my heart hurt. I'm sad that people only expect these "old fashioned acts of kindness" when something goes wrong...

Aren't we called to ALWAYS preach the gospel using words when necessary? Aren't we called to uplift and show love to our neighbors in all circumstances?

We are called to do things that scream Jesus. I understand that dropping some flowers off at a friends house doesn't exactly scream Jesus but the fact that a simple act as such received a response that demanded an explanation ... actually screams the life Jesus called us to live.

As Rock Harbor church has taught its congregation so well ::
" Live a life that demands an explanation. "

I want every possible opportunity to show the love that's been woven into my core to the people around me.

I know this is a small example for such a bigger spiritual principle, but it's valid indeed.

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