Friday, July 16, 2010

Letting God Work.

Letting God Work.

Sometimes things have to get really bad before you actually give God room to do something. You even let go for a short time... and when God doesn't act quick enough you grab tight onto the things you think will give you hope. How is He going to get the glory when things do fall in place, if you keep jumpin in trying to mend things on your own?

People think that they can solely fix and restore things in their own lives. Not so. Only He who makes things grow is responsible for anything and everything being restored to His creation. Why oh why can't I live like I actually believe this right now? Here I am for the hundredth time beating my head wondering why a few things in my life have not changed. And for the hundredth time God sits beside me and says," Caydin, I will surely give you strength to get through today."

Wouldn't it be easy to let go of something that you knew bottom line would end up just the way you wanted? Of Course. Jesus doesn't work that way. ( Of course, your desires will line up with His when He refines your heart and mind but thats not what I'm saying. ) When God asks you to let go of something that possibly won't go your way how much more of a challenge is it to let it go? God never said He would change your circumstances so that you may get what you want ...

Rather, He says He will give you strength to get through it all. He will satisfy you. He will give you what you need. Bottom line: He will make all things glorious.

I'm entirely struggling with this to the max. I wish I had the strength right now to truly hand over the key to my storage closet. My heart is in turmoil. My joy seems to disappear before I exhale. I have a cry of desperation in my life right now. God is near to me. I feel Him during these testing times, immensely.

So, God is near. God will give strength. God will make things glorious. I am awaiting the day in which I can truly let God work. Oh my sweet Jesus; my only remedy.

The nearness of there, feels more near to here.

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