Thursday, August 18, 2011


Building a format compatible with the masses.
Designing the fabric to weave ourselves into
The architecture of who we thought we should be
These structures were quite alluring.
These are systems of deception.
Bluff and disguise.

What a treasure it is to confront
our very design and framework
which is not to be built by us.
To no longer retreat

Cling to resistance
Flee from escaping

A complex paradox so tangled;
Become you, by dying to you
Gain, what you give up
Forget who you are
to truly be aware of you

Swiftly turning the pages.
In search of answers from the pasts greatest
We know the weight of this truth we read.
Bringing light to our eyes.
Revealing truer realities.
Broadening the capacity of our souls’
Hunger for more.
More of Christ.
Even after a mastering of the pages
Blasting the validity of the lies far from us
We continue to
Wonder why they linger

From philosophies to
the substance of the heart
A curious work of Christ alone.