Saturday, July 30, 2011


It's been deeply woven into my heart. This yearning for the return of Jesus. The moment in which Christ says -enough.

We will enjoy the works of our hands on a new earth. Living human lives but with wholly new bodies, untouched by death and sin. I can't even wrap my head around how that unfathomably changes everything.
And unequivocally, seeing Jesus face to face.
Something that radically extinguishes all knowledge we think we have.

Until that time, we are in this time of Christ's delay in returning for us. This time of delay is curious to me. God desires ALL to be saved. While that rings true, the door will be shut at some point. This period of delay I see as Gods desire for all to be in relationship with Him, but on the other end, it has risky implications that follow. Disciples loosing their intensity and heart.

My prayer is that we don't lose fervency, in becoming complacent and apathetic in the midst of this now, and not yet. We easily lose a proper urgency in life when we expect the sun to rise every morning and the moon to follow. Scripture outlines a curious surprised state when Christ returns, so let us not think for a moment that tomorrow is guaranteed.

May we never get to such a place that we tolerate the ish in our hearts and lives. May we never put it off until tomorrow. Rather, may we live every moment in such a way that we are welcoming the return of Jesus.