Monday, November 29, 2010

His Radius.

Purpose ::

"Recognizing that every point of our lives falls equally within the radius of Christ's interest, ownership and expectation. Circles is a concentrated group of 20 somethings united in the strategic effort to capture the redemptive potential of each moment by utilizing a combination of dynamic group discussion, focused teaching, practical application, social interaction, mentoring, real time experience and technological feedback. Provides the tools to live with spiritual acuity in light of the information I've already obtained and will acquire in the future."

I am entirely in tune with the first sentence in the purpose statement. I see how distinctively valuable that truth is. It's what sets apart the lukewarm and the hot. It's what distinguishes the difference between just a simple head knowledge of Jesus and an actual wisdom that inevitably provokes an active response.

Darin did a great job of demolishing the myth of the sacred and the secular. There is not a separation between sacred and secular in your life. All things for His glory because
:: nothing is out of the radius of His interest.

"Perpetually in Communication with God"

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