Monday, October 18, 2010

Nobody Put Jesus on the Cross.

Jesus was a success.

Last night Darin talked about success. What does it actually look like in your life to succeed?

Obviously, for Christians, success has nothing to do with them, but rather in taking all the opportunities that come their way to honor God. It was amazing how Darin provoked some new thoughts in my mind about Jesus and His success while walking the Earth- and how we are called to be like Jesus.

Jesus was a success. God sent Him down to this Earth to become nothing. He sent Him to live a life that the masses would see as an abomination. Jesus was called to a life of exile. He emptied Himself to its entirety. That's success.

Jesus was a success. Nobody put Jesus on the cross. Jesus went to the cross. He died because He knew it would honor His Father.

Honestly, I know what success should look like in my life. YET I'm at a place in which my heart just isn't there. I find my heart still chasing after things that I think will make me successful.

Relationships with certain people. An abundance of "works" that build His kingdom. Liked and known by the majority. Etc..

Nobody made Jesus get nailed to that cross for the disobedience in my life. Jesus went to the cross while the majority spat and found muse in what they were witnessing.

Jesus, while I still have a listless heart, please continue the work You have begun in me.

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