Friday, July 9, 2010

That's Why.

Music has been key to so many circumstances in my life and my soul rejoices in music. Truly.

I have found it worth it to fine tune the music that I listen to.

I have so many stories that back up and solidify why I am so picky with what I let myself listen to. Overtime, the music you listen to resonates in your mind and heart...

Tonight this girl at work was really, really frustrated with me. She misunderstood me when I was explaining to her how I thought the distribution of tips was unfair. I went up to her with a smile on my face and was planning on just having a civil conversation that would lead to figuring out the kinks. She literally looks me in the eyes and says, " Shut up. Just shut up, Caydin... " The moment she started going off on me all I could hear in my head was a great dancing song by Josh Garrels, " Take courage my son for the spirit says come. And be set free. "... She continued her night by telling every other co-worker how frustrated she was with me.

When I heard that song resonating in my mind I couldn't help but look at this petty situation as a woman who is free from any hurtful tactic that's put against her.

My response to this co-worker was a simple "okay." and I walked away. Jesus was proud that my choices in the past to drench my mind with music that speaks truth were indeed fruitful!!!

That is why I listen to music that feeds my soul.
So I can act accordingly.

I see why God asks us to guard our hearts and minds. I understand why He asks us to do certain things and not others. It's important that we understand the wisdom that God has written out for us; so that we may act upon it.

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