Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cut the Crap.

So, as always, the wheels in my head have been turning. Every now and then God gives me a little glimpse of what my mind is indeed in search of.

People are so full of excuses. Instead of walking humbly, and owning up to the things God says need to change in your life you spoon feed people your never-ending cup of bitter joe. I've brewed a cup of joe and I've also been on the receiving end by gulping it down.

Now, being the one who has been full of the tomfoolery, I look back and wonder why it was so difficult for me to recognize the lack of humility in my life. Afterall, I'm a giver not a taker, and I'm very spendy when it comes to my time and love for people... less of me, right? What was I missing ?

When people don't want to change the habits and mindsets that bring them so much contentment, yet are not favorable in God's sight; Houston, we have a problem. I've seen how people simply just get out of situations that require them to change the way that they live. The consequences are anything but simple. It is quite the calamity; as God has called us to lose control and allow Him to perfect us at the deepest levels. He never said it would be a comfy ride. He said quite the opposite...yet well worth it in every aspect.

This eludes me to see how dangerous it is to feel complacent. That, along with being prideful and unable to keep it real with the One who created you in His image... is just a pitiful situation that breaks Gods heart, and others involved.

Pride. is. gross.

I've heard from many ministers that pride is the root of sin. I get it. I've seen it in action and it's a painful sight. Pride nearly blinds people. I feel like pride has it's own secret agenda while you give way to it. Some people don't even understand the pride in their lives.

Pride isn't a respecter of persons. We all have struggled with it and will continually need God's healing and powerful hand to guide us back on track. Yet... after knowing certain things... and being exposed to the truth...when it has been spoken over you and woven into your heart... when you have attained God given wisdom ... comes a responsibility in response to it.

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