Friday, June 18, 2010

Turn That Switch Off.

Without a hint of laughter, I regret saying that I am a victim of Polymorphis Light Eruption. Holy moly. Yesterday my skin reacted to the sun differently than it ever has and I was told that I had sun poisoning on my face. I was advised to take the weekend off and take the medication prescribed. So far, this weekend has been surprisingly enjoyable. Today, I went hiking in long basketball shorts, a long sleeve shirt, big hat, big shades and a blue zinc oxide nose. I found happiness in every moment.

No one would have recognized me unless they wanted to strike up conversation. My floppy hat didn’t match the shorts, nor did my sunglasses actually fit my face, and my long sleeved shirt surely did my figure no justice.

( Side note :: I liked this feeling of being unrecognizable. Not only that, but the harmonies of my outfit surely would elude people to think I had no shame. Which is what we want people to think, right? Hmm. )

So I’m pacing along, combating the heat by just letting my body do it’s thing in the dripping sweat, and I finally reach my destination. This trail literally spits you out onto an amazing strip of beach that is still engulfed with the spectacular array of forest right along the Minnesota River.

I sat there under a tree on a desolate beach with blisters all over my face and neck that were set on fire from all the sweat pouring out of every gland on my body. My face felt like chili pepper was being rubbed all over it and my eyes were continuously watering because they were burning.

I was indistinguishable.

In that moment, I was able to turn off all of the things that I have created in my life that make “ Caydin”, Caydin. I didn’t have a pretty face, nor was anyone about to compliment me on my cute outfit. I wasn’t around anyone to strike up a conversation with and woo them with my social skills. No one was within distance to make laugh or smile.


Jesus recognized me and called my name.

Let me tell you something, there is a different kind of raw, internal freedom that comes with losing your name, your title, your worldly worth and allowing the creator of your soul identify you. The moment you are hit with this absolute truth you undeniably cannot help but respond to the freedom it gives you.

I indeed know the one and only living God whom has saved my soul and because I know Him I will take delight in being His disciple.

"Accept Jesus, by following Him." - a dear friend, Eric Scofield

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