Saturday, June 26, 2010

I am Not Immune.

I want to live free.

I want to let go and let God.

I want to hide behind nothing.

I want more of Him less of me.

I want to find joy in hard times.

I want to just not care about vanity.

I want my pride to be stripped away.

I don’t want THAT car. I don’t need THOSE shoes. I don’t need to be seen THERE. I don’t need to look like THAT.

As much as my heart truly desires to scream that from the top of my lungs, I have a confession :: Honestly, I’m just not that strong. ( yet )

Even though I seek God in all I do, and even though He is evident in my daily life, does not mean I am immune to everything this world has against me. I’m broken.

I’m not exempt from getting into situations that leave me with scars.

The beauty of this all is the fact that when I’m left with nothing to hold on to, there is Jesus; ready to guide me in His way. And, indeed, when I am weak, my God is strong.

Seeking God continuously throughout seemingly unchanging circumstances is worth it. While you unceasingly pray as He has called all His people, He is perfectly orchestrating everything you go through to lead you closer to Him.

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