Sunday, June 5, 2011


Our culture often labels confrontation as a misappropriation of anger and pride.
When most think of confrontation between people, they think of the yelling, amongst degrading words. I even asked my little sister what came to mind when she thought of confrontation -her response was, "arguing, and biting" ... ha. A spiritual bite sounds just as painful as the tangible kind. Thanks sister :)

I'd like to propose something different.

Confrontation between people :: the act of addressing an issue in utter humility in hopes of seeing spiritual growth for both parties

I wonder why so many people avoid confrontation, especially among fellow disciples. I don't recall ever hearing a sermon on confrontation within the church. Hmm.

I understand the hinderances in having a tough conversation in humility with someone who drives you nuts. Or someone who has hurt you. Or someone you know you have hurt. I understand why it's rather enjoyable to privately discuss the rash decisions other people make. I know all too well how easy it is to referee another persons spiritual walk and how normal it is discuss it with other people "because you care". Stop. it.

When brothers and sisters in Christ cannot selflessly approach one another, the issue will manifest itself in other ways affecting the very essence of the community.

In it's "purest form" confrontation between God's people is mandatory, healthy and an extraordinary opportunity for growth on an individual basis and a communal basis.

It's one way we can encounter a holistic spiritual season of growth. Which is the kind of spiritual growth we are all called to strive for. We are being conformed to His image for the sake of others.

I would like to encourage you all to understand a truer perspective of your spiritual journey towards wholeness. For the sake of others. Confrontation among your brothers and sisters in Christ is an amazing opportunity to encounter the redeeming power of God.


  1. captured it all. So encouraging and great to have confrontation put into another perspective. I hope that we all as followers of Christ can strive towards spiritual wholeness.

  2. Nice. When we remember that it's all about God and less about us, it makes the confrontation between people much easier. And not only remaining at neutral/peace between each other by working through confrontation, it would be awesome to see the outpouring of the fruit of the Spirit!

  3. mmm what an interesting topic of discussion we have this morning. in my opinion the key is humility. humility from the confronter and humility from the confronted. if either one of these parties is prideful the least bit, then it's going to be a disaster. only when humility is the foundation of a confrontation will there be any fruitful results

  4. mmm. confrontation is such a hard thing to accept, but I agree in its value. Thanks for the encouragement, now I need to sort through all your saying. And I would like to hear a sermon on confrontation. That would be cool. I think it is more referenced in how one can check up on someone, but it is never fully dived into. Hmm. Interesting.

  5. Yes, thank you, I feel as if there is a lot of confrontation that needs to be taken place in Circles... We all need more honesty and authenticity. I really desire all of us to come forth as broken beings and bring healing and comforting. This also reminds me of somewhere in scripture where it says to have one on one confrontation, then a few people, then an elder... we need to remember to do this with humility as well. This is pretty convicting for me Caydin, because I think sometimes I can be someone who will join in conversation with others when they are talking about other people "because we care." Like you said, this needs to stop.

  6. I think until we begin to see that it is not about us and our pride but, rather, all about the other person and most importantly about CHRIST, then it is hard for this to happen. It's frustrating that today, we have labeled confrontation as a negative and ugly thing that should be avoided at all costs. I've grown so much through simply working through hard conversations and healthy confrontation with those whom I love and who shoot me straight when I need to be put in check. Thanks for this:) so refreshing!