Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Always in Plain Sight.

:: God gives us the opportunity to search things out on our own. He already knows which decisions will lead to truth and which will lead to deception, yet because He desires authentic relationships with His kids, He allows you to decide whether or not you want anything to do with Him.

He watches us closely as we turn left, go right, hang a U, or drive the dirt road to the farm. He sees through our prideful facade as we take out our maps and recalculate our route to the places that give our lives a false sense of significance. He examines the car we are driving, the streets we are driving on, the different people we drive by, and the changing weather we are driving in. He distinguishes all the Toyotas, Volvos and Hondas and knows if a windshield is cracked, the engine is overheating or if gas is getting low. He understands the cost of any and all car repairs while fully recognizing the value of restoration.

We are always in the plain sight of God.

He has given His entire creation an amazing gift - Jesus.
People often neglect the infallible significance of Jesus.

Without Jesus, we would be blotted out from the sight of God.
Without Jesus, unequivocal love and sacrifice would have no context.
Without Jesus, creation would be left with the irony of it's carnal desires, leaving it's victims vacant, discontent, aimless, and deceived.

He is set apart, holy and all things good.
Life is given as a gift to those who are awakened
to their identity found in Jesus.

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