Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spoken Word.

God Is Holy from ROCKHARBOR on Vimeo.

A perspective I never want to forget.

God is holy. He is set up and set apart. Set up and up and up and up. High up on the pedestal. High above the push and pull of this world. And higher still.

He is set apart from the very start. Because while some may deride Him, and some have denied Him, Not one can stand beside Him.

He is the one that is unlike anyone. He's not like you and me. And we cannot conceive the mystery of this that we believe because our God is holy. He is the one and He is the only.

and Heaven, highest Heaven; cannot contain Him. Cannot attain Him. Cannot explain Him. Cannot find the words, the nouns, the verbs to capture the rapture of one who resides and abides in the presence, in the very essence of our God.

And so angels sing and Heaven rings with constant strings of holy. And it cried in one accord inside for one adored for holy, holy, holy is the Lord

No other word will fit, no other word can get at it; all other words are in it. Because the only word that can quite hit at who He is; is Holy.

And when face to face we come to the place to see our God as holy. We will realize and recognize the brokenness in our lives. For in that light ,the light that is His, we will see sin for what it is. And like Isaiah, we will be undone and overcome and then our journey has begun. To turn our "woe is he" to "woe is me."

Because our God is holy.

- Nick Benoit

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