Friday, July 2, 2010

Continuously Peeling Away.

I'd like to start out by saying that God is a God that restores whatever you lay before Him.

Not only does He restore His people individually, but He has the capabilities unlike any other to restore the relationships between His people. In my opinion, a restorative act needs to happen in each individual prior to a restored relationship between them.

There are 2 relationships in my life in which my heart is postured to while writing this. They are both relationships that have caused both turmoil and bliss in my life. I do not doubt the healing work of my Father though in both.

Looking at both of these relationships, I see how God needs to restore me before any post relationship healing.

How is it that I have so many things that I need to work on ? Because I am honest with my pursuit of God I cannot help but see all the brokenness inside of me. I am continuously convicted to peel back that mask that says everything is dandy. And my soul praises Him for it.

Me, along with millions of other people out there struggle with something called control. Surprisingly, I do not have a problem giving up control in many, many venues in my life... like my life altogether. I am not worried about where my life is going or even how I will get there. From the bottom of my heart, I have given up all my dreams solely to the Saviour of my soul. His dreams have become my dreams.

Now, it's the smaller things that I feel the need to control. I choose where we go to dinner, what time we will go and what we are doing afterwards. You can't do it, because I can do it better. EW!

Surely, God is showing me where all of this is stemming from and I am indeed becoming a new Caydin. He is proud of me when I let my siblings cook for me as I stand back. He says, " Well Done" when I go to the movie that he wanted to go to.

A restored Caydin doesn't involve a mighty, significant and in control Caydin.

It all boils down to less of Caydin.

And I'm down with that.

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